Real Estate Services

Shamika provides a wide range of real estate services in Melbourne Beach FL to help satisfy her client’s real estate needs. Home Evaluations, Credit counseling & more. We are always happy to help everyone get their dream home! We love working with people and knowing that we can help them get into the house they’ve always been dreaming about. We strive to only offer the highest quality service and because of that, we work hand in hand with every person we work with to ensure they are completely comfortable and happy throughout the entire process. If you want to learn more about who we are and what we do you can visit our about us page. We also ensure everyone is fully prepared for this big step in their life and because of that, we supply relevant information for everyone on our blog page. If you’re in need of assistance in selling your home fast, contact me today – your realtor and local home expert in Melbourne Beach FL. We know that the process of buying a home can be worrisome and stressful and because of the fact we do everything we can to relieve some of this stress and put you at ease during the entire duration of the process. If you wish to know more about Shamika, Shamika Hamilton is a Florida native, a proud Army Veteran, and is dedicated to finding the home that is uniquely you! As a resident of Brevard County for 10 years, Shamika decided to pursue her real estate ambitions. Shamika is an expert in credit repair needs. She can not only help fix credit issues, but she can also help her clients achieve their homeownership dreams!

-Credit counseling

– Loan signing agent

– Mobile notary/Remote Online Notary