Rental Assistance In Brevard County

Looking for an affordable home or apartment to rent in Melbourne, FL, can be overwhelming. Searching through endless listings on popular renting websites can start taking its toll on a person. It can seem like every time you find what appears to be the right rental, but it has extra fees, an unattainable credit score, a deposit that is too much or looking for a place that allows pets. 


Hiring a rental agent for rental assistance to help you look for your next apartment can take away the stress of looking for places yourself. A realtor is not just for helping people find houses to buy. They also help people find apartments, condos, or homes to rent. Finding a realtor specializing in rental assistance who knows the area, and is in touch with their clients’ needs and desires can make rental hunting a breeze. Shamika Sells will take care of all the checklists, while you focus on choosing your perfect home.


What Your Rental Agent Needs From You

  • Know what you need out of your new apartment. Write of a list of non-negotiables, for example, you might want a laundry hook-up, or you need a washer and dryer needs to be included. If you have a pet, make sure you write down that you need a pet-friendly apartment or rental home. 
  • Know your monthly income and have a way to verify your employment. If you are renting on your own, make sure to find your last two pay stubs and find out how much you bring in each month. If you are renting with a roommate or partner, get their income as well. Typically it is suggested that a person brings in three times more than in gross income than their rent. Having this information for your rental agent can help them determine what your budget is. 
  • Know when you need to move out of your current apartment. Knowing when your move out day is will help your rental agent develop a timeline for your rental search. Don’t find yourself forced out of your current apartment before finding your new place.
  • If you’ve had a history of renting, be sure to get relevant documents to provide in case your rental agent asks for references. This helps your real estate agent show you’re responsible as they display your positive attributes to the landlord.
  • Know your credit score. Thanks to The Fair Credit Reporting Act, credit reporting companies must provide you with a free credit report once every 12 months. These required credit reporting companies are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Take advantage of this opportunity and see where your credit score is.
  • Check out the local rental market. It is a good idea to be informed about the area and market price of comparable rentals in the area before you meet with your realtor. You want to set yourself up with realistic expectations. Don’t wait to find the perfect apartment, only to find they are asking for triple the rent amount when compared to other rentals in the area.
  • Have cash on hand. It’s hard to tell what a deposit will be or if there will be application fees. It’s always better to prepare yourself beforehand. You can let your agent know how much you have to go towards the down payments so they can find you a rental within those parameters. 

Being prepared when you hire a rental agent is one of the best pieces of advice a person could give to a future renter. Having this information in order will make the rental hunting process easier for both you and the rental agent. Following this list of suggestions will minimize miscommunication and get you in the rental property of your dreams.


The Benefit of Using A Realtor To Help With Rental Assistance

Real estate agents have a large set of tools they can use to find you exactly what you are looking for. They can help direct you to a promising location. Or find rentals in your exact price range, and even tour the potential rental property with you. 


A real estate agent is dedicated to finding the best place for the client. They have access to look at properties that aren’t listed on major rental finder sites. Your rental agent can also help you interpret the lease’s language and help you understand precisely what you are signing. A rental agent should be someone you can trust to get you the best deal. As a hands-on agent, you can count on Shamika to be alongside you, guiding you through this intimidating process.


In Need of Rental Assistance In The Melbourne Area?

Shamika has been a resident of Brevard County for ten years and knows the Melbourne area. She specializes in helping people find places to rent that have current or past issues with their credit score. Shamika is passionate about finding out what her clients want. She wants to give them the hope to own their own home one day.