If you are moving for a job, you would hire a realtor. Your personal realtor will work with you to understand your needs. They determine what it is you want in your next home, and what locations you are looking for. This is done by getting to know you and your family. Sounds great, right? But what happens when these needs and wants are not necessarily within your control?

As a military family, you understand that when new orders come in, you are kind of on your own. You are left with the task of finding a home and setting up wherever you are placed. This can make the home buying or home renting process far more difficult, and far more stressful. This is where you will need the help of a certified military relocation professional like Shamika. With the help of military relocation services from Shamika Sells, your move will be as seamless as ever. She can even make sense of the most complicated orders. If you are making beautiful Brevard County, FL your home, find out how our services can help you.


Work With a Realtor Who Gets It

At Shamika Sells, I understand that having to relocate as a military personnel can be sudden. On top of that, it’s often confusing — especially for families! Working with a certified military relocation professional like myself will help you to make sense of it all better than any realtor could. Why? Because I can understand it. More than just a realtor, I will be your partner in navigating you through your move. Along with that, I will help you settle into your new Brevard County home. I am specially certified to understand the complex terminology and acronyms that the military is known for using. No matter the branch, no matter the rank, I can help you to decode and navigate through your particular orders to ensure that you have the most successful move possible. Contact me today with your questions and let’s get started!


Military Relocation Services

Moving because of a military relocation can be intimidating. Whether you are doing it alone as a military personnel, or as a family member in tow, you could be asked to move across the country. Maybe even across the world! There could be children involved, or you could be faced with facilitating this move all on your own with a deployed or unavailable spouse. Whatever your situation, we are here to help. Unlike a typical realtor, my real estate relocation services can help you not only find a home, but to navigate the unique challenges that you are facing. Count on my services to advocate for you and the timeliness of your move. Your move comes with a sense of urgency. There is no time to drag your feet, or waste time with negotiations. Count on real estate relocation to convey that urgency and understand that when you are moving, you are moving now! 


Without that kind of time, you will need eyes to help you find the best space for your family in your new location. Don’t waste your time with a real estate agent that doesn’t know the ins and outs of the area. As a Brevard County business, we are experts in finding exactly what you need. Do you need an area close to the local elementary schools? Are you looking for a specific type of home within a certain budget? Whether you are working with specific housing choices and options, or looking to find a home all your own if orders allow, I can help you to make the most educated decision about your new home. This way, you can feel good about your move before even setting foot in your new area. 


What About All The Loan Options?

You can also count on your certified military relocation professional to have a command of loan options, money lending options, VA financing and VA loans. These services are here to help you in your time of transition. However, they will not do you any good without a professional to help you navigate them, and make the most of your move. I will be able to help you work through the basics of these services. And also determine how they might apply to you and your family. Everyone’s situation is different, and there is no one size fits all. As a proactive real estate agent, I will make sure I have the full picture of your needs. For more specific help, count on my military relocation services to be a beacon that will guide you to finding these service providers on your own to buy or rent your new home. More than just your realtor, I strive to be your resource to make your move as smooth as possible. 


Shamika Sells Military Relocation Service

As a certified military relocation professional, I am honored to be a part of your journey to serve our country. With my assistance, you will find that hiring a realtor that is familiar with the complex processes and procedures that come with a military relocation is invaluable. Shamika Sells’ years of experience with military relocation services will bring you the assurance and guidance you need during such a hectic time. Are you worried about bad credit affecting your relocation home options?  Don’t let bad credit keep you from getting in that perfect house or apartment. At Shamika Sells, we also offer credit counseling services


Wherever you are in your relocation process, wherever you are stationed currently, contact Shamika Sells to get started with your military relocation services today. I will help you to feel comfortable and confident about your move and new home. Then, your mind will be free to take on your new challenge.