Loan Signing Agent In Melbourne, FL

Finding a knowledgeable and dependable notary loan signing agent can be tough these days. If you are an escrow officer, loan officer, or real estate agent, you know what you are looking for when using loan signing services in Melbourne, FL. Your client is an essential part of your business, and you want to make sure they walk out of their loan signing with confidence. A competent signing agent is a reason that happens. Not to mention responsible for a very integral part of the mortgage process, timing, and accuracy.

What to Look for in A Notary Loan Signing Agent In Melbourne, FL

If you’ve hired notary signing agents in the past, then you probably know what you’re looking for. When it comes to finding a profession that will do the job right, there are some suggestions to follow. 

They know the mistakes loan signing agents make. One of the most important things to look out for during a conversation with a potential loan signing agent is their acknowledgment of mistakes that loan signing agents make. Knowing these mistakes is a way to make sure they also know how to avoid these mistakes. Incorrect or missing information can be a costly mistake and could lead to you losing the home of your dreams. Address these potential issues prior to choosing who to hire to represent you as your agent. 

They have a professional relationship with escrow officers in Melbourne, FL. If the loan signing agent you are looking to hire has built relationships with escrow officers, they are more than likely a reliable agent. These relationships have been established through trust and accountability. Escrow officers have found they can rely on this particular signing agent and contact the agent when needed. Therefore, you can rest assured that the signing agent will complete the process correctly and have your best interest in mind. 

They have exceptional customer service skills. Hiring a loan signing agent with customer service skills is a must. Knowing how to listen to instructions of the loan officer, escrow officer, or real estate agent. If you have specific instructions for your loan signing services, they will make sure they take note and follow the instructions exactly. Customer service skills will also ensure that your clients signing the loan will be taken care of and walked through the loan signing process. It is a loan signing agent’s job to make sure the client knows precisely what they are singing and answers any questions they have along the way. If you feel like the agent isn’t properly communicating with you in a way that allows you to understand the process, then you might want to reconsider who you chose as an agent. 

They know how to package loan documents. This skill is actually not all too common for loan signing agents, but if you find a person that can package loan documents, it’s almost a done deal. Separating the loan documents to distribute to the different parties is a simple process, but it is an essential part of closing. Finding an agent that can do this for your business is a smart choice. This will take some of the stress and hassle away from you, while you are confident that the process will be completed correctly and in a timely manner. 

They professionally conduct themselves. With all businesses, professionalism is critical. Hire a loan signing agent who answers their phone professionally, returns your call in a timely manner, is 100% prepared with their tools and documents, cares about your feedback, and, most importantly, shows up on time. All of these necessary skills are essential to a trustworthy and reliable loan signing agent who you can partner with for years. If you don’t feel confident that your agent will have your best interest in mind, do not hire them. Take the time to properly research and have conversations with your signing agent. The last thing you want is to receive the documents back due to incorrect information filed because of a lack of communication between you and your agent. 

There are a lot of loan signing agents in Melbourne, Florida, but hiring one that encompasses all of these attributes is a great way to add to your business. A loan signing agent is an extension of your business, and that is why it’s essential to hire the right person. Shamika will put your business standards on display as she represents you as your signing agent. 

Hire Shamika Sells For Your Loan Signing Services 

At Shamika Sells, our notary loan signing agent Shamika, can assist your clients with loan signing when buying or selling a home and more. With a real estate agent background, Shamika has a broader knowledge of real estate that most other loan signing agents do not. She can effectively communicate the loan signing process to clients and follow the individual instructions of an escrow officer, loan officer, or real estate agent. If you are ready to hire a notary loan signing agent in Melbourne, FL, with years of experience and excellent customer service skills, give Shamika a call today at 407-930-9570. When looking for general help with the buying or selling process, Shamika is a top realtor in Melbourne. FL and will make sure to find you the home of your dreams! Along with that, she also offers other services such as rental and housing assistance, credit counseling, and more. Contact her for all your realty needs and experience exceptional customer service.