HUD Assistance In Brevard County, Florida

What Is A HUD Home? 

HUD stands for the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. It is a common misunderstanding, but HUD is not a lender for homes. HUD Section 8 is a program developed to provide subsidies to investors that cap their rent according to the location’s area median income for housing. HUD is also responsible for the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program or LIHTC. LIHTC offers investors and developers a 10-year income tax credit if they agree to build a certain number of units at a percentage of the location’s area median income.


Eligibility For Section 8 Housing In Melbourne, Florida

HUD assistance has specific requirements for being eligible for Section 8 housing in Melbourne, Florida. The department has restrictions based on the annual gross income and size of your family. Qualifying for Section 8 housing also requires you to be a US citizen. But it does have categories for non-citizens as well. The Housing Authority of Brevard County or HABC receives federal funds from HUD and gives housing choice vouchers to those in need. 


HABC provides families selected for a voucher with assistance by helping them find suitable housing. Once the home is found, HABC is in contract with the landlord to provide assistance on rent payments. The family signs a lease for at least one year. They also may be obligated to pay a security deposit. The family residing in the home must adhere to program requirements. They must pay their share of the rent in a timely manner, and keep the residence in good condition. 


HUD has deemed that 75% of these vouchers must go to families whose incomes do not exceed 30% of Brevard’s median income. The other 25% of families that receive housing choice vouchers in Brevard cannot be higher than 80% of the median income


Process Of The Housing Authority of Brevard County

Because Section 8 housing is funded federally, there are waiting lists. The Housing Authority of Brevard County lists dates on its website that applicants can fill out an online application for the housing choice vouchers. Once you’ve applied, you can also check the status of your application through their online portal. If your application was approved, you are then placed on a waiting list,.  You can review your place in that waiting list by calling (321) 775-0417. 


Unfortunately, these waitlists can be very long. The Housing Authority of Brevard can actually close a waiting list if they identify that they will not be able to give vouchers to families in the near future. However, this does not mean that affordable housing is not attainable. Using a real estate agent that knows the Brevard area and specializes in Section 8 housing can do wonders for your rental assistance. Shamika Sells is not only is located in Melbourne, but has years of experience providing their clients in Brevard County with the resources and assistance they need. 


Eligibility For The Housing Authority of Brevard County’s Section 8 Housing

According to HABC’s eligibility requirements for receiving a housing choice voucher for Section 8 housing, you must live or work in Brevard County. Your family income must be less than 80% of Brevard County’s Area Median Income, veterans and active-duty military are eligible, as well as low-come seniors who are 62 or older, homeless families or individuals, or individuals with disabilities. 


Once an individual or family receives home assistance, HABC must reexamine the family’s income and housing annually to make sure they are still eligible and ensure their housing is up to standard regulations. 


How Much Does HUD Assistance In Brevard Cover? 

There are two options when it comes to how much your housing choice voucher will cover. The first option is the rent standard, minus 30% of you and your family’s monthly adjusted income. 30% of your family’s adjusted income minus gross rent is the second option. The possibility that gives you the lower number is the maximum assistance provided.  Shamika Sells will help you navigate through this process and determine the maximum assistance provided for your situation. 


Where Can A Housing Choice Voucher Be Used In Brevard County

A HUD assistance voucher does not limit you to one type of home. Housing is up to the holder of the voucher. However, you will be advised on the home size you are eligible for. You can choose an apartment, townhouse, condo, single-family residence, or mobile home. However, not every place you find will accept your voucher. HABC does list Section 8 properties on their website. On the other hand, you can also find great real estate agents that will work hard to find you what best benefits you and your family. Shamika Sells will take care of finding the locations, while you choose which place you want to call home. 


Section 8 Housing Assistance With Shamika Sells 

At Shamika Sells, our real estate agent Shamika assists with section 8 housing.  Being a Florida native and located in Melbourne, she is the person to go to for all your housing needs. She dedicates herself to meeting all your expectations. Shamika helps individuals and families with or without vouchers find affordable housing. She has helped these same families with their credit and has even helped them with buying their own homes. As a hands-on agent, she makes sure to provide you with an abundance of resources along the way. You know you can count on her to find the best deal for you. If you’re ready to find affordable housing in Brevard County, Shamika can make it a reality. She applies her years of experience and knowledge of the Brevard housing market to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. With Shamika’s reach extending from credit counseling to military relocation services, you know she has the answers for you. Get a real estate agent that you can trust to find the perfect Section 8 housing for you and your family. 


Going through the process of looking for Section 8 housing in Brevard can be tough to navigate. But you don’t have to do it alone! Give Shamika a call today at 407-930-9570 and let’s get you and your family into a home today.