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The Housing Authority of Brevard County provides rental housing assistance to more than 7,000 people in the Brevard area. The government organization has public housing waitlist deadlines, Section 8 waitlists deadline, rental service in the private market, and other housing assistance programs. Suppose you are currently searching for affordable housing in the Brevard area. In that case, there are Real Estate Agents that can help you find a home within your budget without relying on government programs such as vouchers. Real Estate Agent Shamika has helped many individuals and families with housing assistance, and purchasing affordable homes is the Brevard area. Call Shamika Sells today at 407-930-9570 and get started on the path to housing assistance or purchasing an affordable home in Brevard.

What Is Housing Assistance?

Housing assistance isn’t just one particular program from the federal government. Housing assistance is: 

Each one of these programs provides further assistance and requires additional qualifications. If you are a low-income household, you may qualify for one of these government-assisted programs.

Find Affordable Rental Housing In Brevard County

Depending on which housing assistance program you qualify for, your options will vary. 

Privately-Owned Subsidized Housing

This is when the government provides landlords with a tax credit. With the acceptance of this credit, they are required to modify the rental prices for low-income families to keep their rent low. The rates vary from family to family based on eligibility. To be eligible, you have to be within the set income limit and meet the family size requirements. The landlord sets some limitations. It can be a little easier to receive this assistance than having to wait for government-run housing programs. You will have to sign a lease once approved for the assistance program.

Housing Choice Vouchers

These used to be called Section 8. With these vouchers, you find your own housing but are given a government voucher to pay rent each month. This includes choosing your housing location and does not limit you to only available subsidized housing. A realtor with experience can help you find housing that meets the standards of the government. The monthly voucher you receive will be based on your family size, income, and housing’s local cost.

A benefit of this type of housing is that if you can carry over the housing assistance with you if you find yourself having to move to a different location as long as the location is approved. With this type of housing assistance, you can be placed on a waiting list as there is a limit to the resources that can be available. You will have to sign a lease when choosing this assistance program.

Public Housing

This is where you rent from the local public housing agency funded by the government. This assistance is based on your gross annual income, meaning your income before taxes are taken out. . It was developed as a means to provide affordable housing for low income and very low-income families. This assistance will do a little digging by contacting your past and current landlords to ensure you will be a good tenant. You will have to sign a lease for a required period of time when choosing this assistance program.

Get Housing Assistance With The Help Of Shamika Sells

Shamika has had years of experience with helping people receive housing assistance. Shamika has been located in Brevard County for many years and knows the area well. She is the perfect person to go to for all your housing needs. Shamika assists families and individuals with housing assistance education, forms, and finding housing assistance approved homes. She has even helped many families with improving credit and later has enabled them to buy their own homes. 

Shamika is a hands-on agent that can provide you with an abundance of resources and education along the way. If you’re ready to find affordable housing in Brevard County, Shamika can make purchasing a home a reality. She applies her years of experience and knowledge of the Brevard housing market to get you what you expect and make your experience as enjoyable as possible. With Shamika’s reach extending from credit counseling to rental assistance, you know she has the answers for you. Get a real estate agent that you can trust to help you with housing assistance in Brevard County.

Going through the process of housing assistance in Brevard can be tough to navigate. But you don’t have to do it alone! Give Shamika a call today at 407-930-9570, and let’s get you and your family into a home today.